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Third Grade Stories

Simple Literature

FREE comprehension questions for third grade stories
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A to C

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
"The Whitewashed Fence" by Mark Twain

Androclus and the Lion
by James Baldwin

D to F

Damon and Pythias

by James Baldwin

David and Goliath
from the Bible

Dorothea Dix
by Edward Eggleston

The Elves and the Shoemaker
collected by William and Jacob Grimm

The Emperor's New Clothes
by Hans Christian Andersen

The Fir Tree
by Hans Christian Andersen

G to I

George Washington and His Hatchet

by James Baldwin

George Washington and the Battle at Princeton
by James Baldwin

The Golden Goose
collected by William and Jacob Grimm

The Golden Touch
by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Hare and the Tortoise
by Aesop

Harriet Tubman's Brothers

by Sarah H. Bradford

How Bell Became a Free Woman
by Sojourner Truth

How Ben Franklin Taught Himself
by Edward Eggleston

How the Camel Got His Hump
by Rudyard Kipling

J to L 

Jonathan and David
from the Bible 

M to P


by James Baldwin

A Prince, A Princess and Three Peas
by Hans Christian Andersen

Q to S

Quicksilver Bob: Robert Fulton

by Edward Eggleston

The Shepherd's Boy and the Wolf
by Aesop

The Sphinx's Riddle
by H.A. Guerber

The Story of William Tell
by James Baldwin

T to Z

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

by Beatrix Potter

The Three Bears
author unknown

The Three Little Pigs
author unknown

The Wolf and the Lamb
by Aesop

The Wonderful Weaver
by James Baldwin

Many stories are in the public domain. Find and adapt them for third-grade readers, or pay a low price and download this eBook today:

SL3 Comprehension Questions and Reading Sheets
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Greek Myths and Stories
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The Greek Myths and Stories curriculum unit for third graders includes "Damon and Pythias" (story), "The Golden Touch" (story), One Hundred Lyrics - "No. 39" (poem), "The Sphinx's Riddle" (story), and "The Wonderful Weaver" (story).

FREE Comprehension Questions

Reading Sheets

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